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Frigo zika baner

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Европейские лидеры в своих областях, ориентированных на рынок и контролирует глобальные тенденции в области строительства, ценообразования и разработки продукции, обеспечение удовлетворенности конечных пользователей продукта.


We started our production modestly, within the family circle twenty-five years ago....
By our own resources, knowledge and great faith in the success we went steadily forward .
All the time we were aware of the responsibility that our development is also the development of the our community asa better life for our employees familiy.
With the constant monitoring of technological development , we have invested in new equipment and staff training .
We have become the largest company in the refrigeration manufacture, cooking and neutral equipment in Serbia by following the next operating parameters:
1 ) Great variety of products that we produce
2 ) The quality that we constantly improve
3 ) One continuous improvement of product design according to requirements of the market
4 ) The largest number of employees , the largset annual turnover and the largest exports into this production area, which intend to grow
6 ) The liquidity without any credit
7 ) The manufacture and the sale of the evaporator and condenser at LTH technology
8 ) The solvency in AA class
After so many years that we leave behind us and the new generation of our family that comes to be included in the company's operations , by its new energies and ideas
we go with you in the future ....... see you !

Policy of the quality

FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA,is specializedcompany for manufacture of refrigeration andthermal devices. Company managementof FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA is completelydedicated tothe job swhich fu lfill mentre quire sade quate skills, at the same time consideringallapplicablenationaland international standards.

Wein the Company FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA believethat the mannerwe manage our businessis criticalfor our leading positionon the Serbian marketin manufactureof refrigeratingand thermaldevices.

FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA company managementis devoted to theprovidingof servicesof the highest quality. Our businessis reflectedin constantfulfillment ofthe client`s requirements,taking into considerationbasicbusiness principlesof our company, as follows:

* Long-term experience,
* Short periodsfor the delivery of the products,
* The highest qualityof the products andservices,
* Competitiveprices of products and services
* Professionaltechnical supportfor our clientsand buyers

FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA company management will enableall of our employeesto completelyapplyquality policy HACCP,by realizingbusinesstargetsthroughits business.

FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA company management will alwayskeep track withnew technologiesand provideadequatetrainingof entire personnelin terms ofefficientrealization ofoperating tasks.

Quality policyof HACCP in FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA representsthe baseforestablishmentandreconsideration ofquality targets.

Management will periodicallyreconsiderefficacyof its QMS and quality targetsin terms ofprovidingtheirefficacyand continualapplicability.
FRIGO ŽIKA RUMA meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2008 and HACCP.

Service and warranties

And your pleasure !

The Company "FRIGO ŽIKA" Ruma works professionaly and with the responsability on the sale of finished products and gives all its forces to the constant improvement of the product quality .

The service quality control exercise control in all production stages as the final control respecting all standard procedure which poses our own factory .

According with that, the customer who buys the device receives a technical instruction and warranty card of a guarantee period for 24 months.
In the case of reclamation , the customer calls the call center service
+381 22430-444

Within an hour the official service technician will call the customer to schedule visit with the customer within 24 hours , in order to resolve the problem .

To satisfy the customer is our fundamental obligation that we will always respect and because of that we provide spare parts and out of warranty in the next 10 years to all our customers .



Слаженная внутренняя организация и постоянное повышение личной эффективности всех сотрудников – задание, над которым мы работаем изо дня в день, чтобы обеспечить удовлетворение нашим клиентам, которые возвращаются к нам, тем самым подтверждая, что мы на верном пути. СЕРТИФИКАТЫ ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2008, HCCP...СЛУЖАТ ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫМ ПОДТВЕРЖДЕНИЕМ ПРЕДЛАГАЕМОГО НАМИ КАЧЕСТВА