Where The Frigo Žika Products Are Used?

Frigo Žika company is founded in 1990 in Ruma, Serbia. In the early days, the main focus of the company was the production of commercial refrigerated devices for supermarkets, butcheries, and grocery stores.

In this article, we will present to you the company, niches we cover, and products we offer. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about Balkan’s leading producer of commercial refrigerated/neutral/thermic equipment.

The Balkan’s Leading Producer Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

From the very beginning, the main aim of the Frigo Žika founder was constant growth, expansion of the overall product offer, expansion to new markets, and improvements in every business aspect.

The growth of the company was slow but thorough, day by day, year by year. Now, in 2022 we have the Balkan’s leading producer of commercial refrigeration/neutral equipment that successfully exports products all around Serbia, Europe, and the world.

The major growth of the company happened in the last decade when the company expanded to the Western European market (with a focus on the German market). The company is completely liquid with an annual turnover of 16.000.000 euros, more than 300 employees, and three production facilities.

Savabien Incorporation To Frigo Žika Group

In 2020 Frigo Žika became a group of companies when the Savabien is bought – this way, Frigo Žika expanded its market activities. Savabien is a company that is specialized in the production of thermal-insulated glass, aluminum/glass/ventilated facades, and aluminum joinery.

Savabien has two production facilities – one in Indjija (production of aluminum joinery, alu/glass facades) and one in Surcin (thermally insulated glass production).

In 2021, Frigo Zika’s and Savabien’s teams developed a new product – thermal insulated doors for commercial refrigeration. These are high-quality, energy-efficient, modern looking and high-performance doors that helped us complete the production circle of the refrigeration devices.

Now we can proudly say that the Frigo Zika products are fully Made in Serbia.

Where Frigo Žika Products Are Used?

As we already mentioned a couple of times, the main focus of the company is the production of commercial refrigeration equipment (multidecks, serve over counters, etc) and neutral/thermic commercial equipment. Vertical multi decks, horizontal serve over counters, semi-vertical multi decks, pastry multi decks, bakery multi decks as well as soda coolers, cold chambers, kitchen equipment, dry-aging machines, shelves, fruit shelves are just a part of the wide range of products produced by Frigo Zika.

We Provide Equipment For Retail and Supermarkets

The main focus and the most income comes from equipping retail, grocery stores, and supermarkets with refrigerated devices – big supermarket chains are some of our most loyal customers.

We provide turnkey solutions, which means that we equip the complete retail/supermarket object with the necessary equipment (we cover all the sections from shelvings, pay desks, to butcher shop section, bakery section, fruit/vegetables, and of course food/beverage sections. 

Frigo Žika Devices are produced according to the last standards and trends. Improved visibility, simple design, simple assembly as well as high functionality are some of the main characteristics of our devices.

All devices are produced in both remote (the generator is placed outside the device) and plug-in (the generator is built in the device) options.

 Cooling Systems of Remote Devices:

 Gas – CO2

 Freon – R455A

 Cooling Systems of Plug-In Devices:

 Freon – R445A(EU)/ R290(EU)/ R449


We Provide Equipment For Bakeries, Pastry, and Butcher Shops

Alongside providing turnkey solutions for retail and supermarkets (that usually have all the above-mentioned sections within the object), we provide complete designing and product solutions for bakeries, pastry, and butcher shops. Some of the clients we worked with are Mesara Matijević, Gavrilović, Zlatiborac, and RETIF.

We Provide Equipment For Professional Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants

Yes, retail is our main niche, but we also produce thermal and neutral equipment for kitchens, bars, and restaurants. We successfully collaborate with well-known restaurants, hotels, and catering companies in Serbia. Ovens, stoves, grills, kettles, sinks, stainless steel shelvings, hoods, bars, and cold/warm tables are just a tiny part of our wide offer for this specific niche (hospitality).

 Frigo Žika also provides design solutions for all types of commercial (retail/hospitality) buildings which can be found at this website www.shopdesigning.com

Eco-Friendly Products

Frigo Žika products are declared „eco-friendly“. With each of our products, we’re seeking solutions on how to improve the overall energy efficiency of the device and how to reduce the carbon footprint. We developed a hybrid cooling system, Co2 cooling systems, and high-quality thermal insulated doors that helped us improve performance of our devices in the energy-efficiency domain (savings are 40-60% compared to the old systems).

More about the company and our products learn by visiting our website or through a phone call with our sales team: +381 22 430 444