When Modern and Traditional Collide – Cannes Display Showcase

As the title says – the Cannes display showcase is a product that perfectly combines modern and traditional design. Cannes is an ideal tech/aesthetic
solution for all kinds of interiors.


Initially, this device was made for butcher shops, but shortly after Frigo Žika Team started producing Cannes in different temperature regimes and that made the device an ideal choice for all kinds of supermarkets, bakeries, caterings, restaurants, bars, and pastry shops. This device is produced in both plug-in and remote versions.

Cannes Fish 

Cannes is also produced in three temperature regimes:


Cold regime -1/+5°C when the outside temperature is 25°C and 60% relative air humidity
Warm Regime
+30/+90°C when the outside temperature is 25°C and 60% relative air humidity
Bain Marie Regime
  +50/+70°C when the outside temperature is 25°C and 60% relative air humidity

Cooling Systems:

REMOTE – R448A/R449A/ CO2
PLUG IN – R455A/R290

Standardne Dužine













Visina Fronta



Dubina Izložbene Tacne




Radni Sto





Cannes is a model of a horizontal display showcase that is perfectly suitable for all types of interiors. Because of its evergreen design, it can easily be
incorporated into both traditional and modern-looking interiors. The front cover (mask) of the Cannes showcase is made of wood (in the standard version), but the other materials are used as well, such as stainless steel, and plasticized sheet metal; the client picks the color of the device. The sides are made of plasticized sheet metal and the flat tempered glass is placed in the front of the device.

Cannes model has its own self-cleaning condensing unit, which is one of the patents that Frigo Žika owns. This patent (self-cleaning condensing unit) helps with energy savings and extends the longevity of the device itself. This showcase is very quiet and it has a microprocessor for temperature regulation, an anti-dew system as well as a full system controller.

The dynamic cooling system is placed beneath the exhibition plate – this system prevents the food (usually fresh meat and deli products) from drying out. And the cooling bunker is placed on the back of the device. The inside of the Cannes showcase is completely made of stainless steel.

As we previously said, this device is produced in both plug-in and remote versions. Thermal-expansive valve is built on the evaporator, in the remote version of the device (remote means that the generator is positioned on the outside of the device itself). Cannes also has built-in LED lighting for products (white light for deli products and pink light for fresh meat).  And the work desk on the back of the device is very handy when it comes to slicing and packing the meat/deli products.

It’s important to mention that this device works on 230V/50Hz, but it can be modified for the US market as well.


Additionally, Cannes can be produced with the pay desk in the same color/design as the Cannes showcase. Also, the front mask of the Cannes showcase can be modified to match the look of our France Showcase.


It’s worth mentioning that Frigo Žika has a completely closed production cycle, so we can modify each of our devices according to the client’s request. So don’t waste your time and contact our team for additional info and collaboration offers: +381 22 430 444.