Improving energy efficiency is the ultimate goal for every production business, and it is even more important now, in times of the global energy crisis. Production-oriented companies always strive to find ways how to improve the overall performances of devices they produce, with as minor energetic losses, as possible.

Since the very beginning, our company Frigo Zika tends to follow all the current business trends, and often be a trendsetter itself in the commercial refrigeration niche. The same mindset is present today as well: our development and technical teams regularly work on the development of new devices and improvement of old models, all for the sake of creating highly energy-efficient commercial devices, with minor energy losses that are modern-looking, high quality, durable, and in the same time affordable products for all types of supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, bars, and butcher shops! To be honest, this is not an easy task, but we never wanted to play it safe and reach overnight success – we believe that hard work and being innovative pay the most through the time!

Did we succeed in that? We believe this fact answers that question – 80% of our income comes from export activities!

Keep reading this article to learn what are the benefits of energy-efficient devices and how we achieve good results with such products!

Improved Air Flow Technology

One of the ways how to avoid energy losses in refrigerated devices (both multidecks, horizontal display cabinets, and semi-vertical multidecks) is the usage of high-quality thermally insulated doors (we’ll write more about that topic a bit later in the article). But, how we can prevent leakage of the cold air and energy losses in the open multi-decks and devices without doors? The answer to that question is – an air curtain, that creates a closed air flow system within the device and keeps the constant temperature within the device itself. This picture explains it much more clearer.

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Usage Of Thermally Insulated Doors

Savabien become a part of the Frigo Zika Group in 2020. Savabien is a company which is specialized in the production of thermally insulated glass, aluminum joinery, and structural/glass facades.

In 2021 both Savabien and Frigo Zika technical teams developed a new line of products – high-quality thermally insulated doors for refrigerated/catering devices.

Sliding doors, with or without the frame, with single or double glass – all the door models are produced with high-quality materials and specially adjusted to work perfectly for Frigo Zika products.


Good doors will improve the overall performance of the multideck, horizontal serve over the counter (cold/bain Marie), or any other type of refrigerated commercial device.

Self-Cleaning Condensing Unit

We mentioned earlier that our company is occasionally a trendsetter itself. One of the innovations and patents that we brought to this business is the self-cleaning condensing unit. This is our patent, registered at the Serbian ,,Zavod za intelektualnu svojinu’’ (no D51/2021).

This unit is a part of the refrigeration–cooling system, which is primarily constructed to improve the overall performance of the device (and energy saver).                           


Main characteristics of the device:

– Equipped with the two-sided vents
– Modern looking
– Vents are non-magnetic, very light
– Energy savings up to 40% annually
– Improved longevity
– Quiet and steady

samocisteca kondenzaciona jedinica

Financial Benefits And Eco-Friendly Devices

Financial benefits are present for both sides (both production companies and users (markets, grocery stores, etc)). Frigo Žika devices are very efficient – energy savings are up to 70% (compared to the old technology), and above all, these products are very durable, and represent the perfect investment for every type of market/grocery store/gas station. On the other hand, the usage of energy-efficient and eco-friendly devices could be very beneficial for the overall image of a company. It’s always a good thing to take care of the environment and reduction of carbon footprint.