We all are becoming aware of the negative impact of modern industry, hyperproduction, and consumerism we are living in; no matter if you are a regular person or a big production company – we all play our part in this role. We don’t have any other planet to live on, so we have to do our best to save this one.

Because of the increased awareness, businesses and production companies are exploring new ways how to adapt to these new business standards and work according to the new market’s requests. This adaptation process comes easy to some companies, while for others it comes with devastating consequences.


For years now, Frigo Zika company successfully adapts to these market requests and produces high-quality, energy-efficient devices. Since the very beginning, we wanted our devices to be high quality, durable and energy efficient, above all modern looking – so they can be used for a very long time and don’t look ’’old’’. 

Durability, Energy-Efficiency and Energy Savings

Nowadays, our devices are even 70% more energy efficient when compared to the old refrigerated technology. All of our devices are equipped with a self-cleaning condensing unit that helps a lot with the durability of the device itself (especially with the generator). All of our devices use the latest technology based on freons R448A/R449A/R290/ R455A (EU standard) as well as CO2 technology.

And above all, all of our (closed) multi decks and serve-over counters are fully equipped with thermally insulated doors (produced by our team in the Savabien factory), which helps a lot in the energy savings and overall efficiency of the devices (because of the minor energy and cold air losses).


Standards and Quality Control

All of our devices are produced according to the latest European/USA standards (depending on the market) as well as the latest market trends. We have a strong network connection with our distributors all across the globe, which helps us with insights into the new market requests, standards, and quality norms for each market we are present in.

In the end, it’s worth mentioning that the latest technology (in our production facilities), as well as our skillful technical development team, helps us a lot in the process of testing and developing highly energy-efficient/eco-friendly devices (no matter the market we’re producing devices for).