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Dry Aging Machine OJ

Device for dry aging of meat

Dry Aging Machine OJ

Dimensions: 600 x 700 x 2130mm
- Two segments with swivel doors
- Operating temperature 0 - 2°C at a temperature of 25°C
- Humidity of the air inside the chamber 60-90%
- Interior sanitary plastic
- Shelves (1 x 4pcs)
- Digital thermostats for temperature and humidity control

What is dry aging of meat?
Meat (usually beef) in the first phase loses moisture, which allows it
a special micro-climate created by the Dry Aging Machine.
The process of dry aging stimulates the growth of certain fungal species (molds) to the outer surface of the meat. This does not cause deterioration, but on the surface of the meat forms an external "core"
which is cut off when the meat is cooked.
These fungal species supplement the natural enzymes in beef, by doing so they help to grow and improve the taste of meat. Thamnidium (fungal species) is especially known and it produces collagenolytic enzymes which significantly contribute to the gentleness and taste of dry old meat.
Because of the expensive drying process, the prepared meat until now was only available in elite restaurants and hotels...

Length without side Side thickness Depth mm Height mm
600 700 2130

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