Dry Aging Buffalo Wood Cover


Dry Aging Machine Wood Cover
Machine – for meat aging


Dry Aging Buffalo DD (1230mm x 630mm x 2020mm)
– Dry Aging Buffalo DJ (700mm x 630mm x 2020mm

– One (DJ) or two (DD) segments with two doors 
– Operating temperature 0 – 2°C (for the room temperature of 25°C)
– Air humidity within the chamber 60-90%
– The inside is made of sanitary plastic
– Shelves
– Digital thermostat for temperature regulation and air humidity
– Outside cover – made of wood




What is Dry Aging?

Meat (usually beef meat) in the first stage of aging loses water, because of the micro climate which is formed within the Dry Aging Device.
The process of meat aging stimulates the development of mold on the outside layer of the meat. This process don’t cause the meat spoilage, just forms the outer layer on the meat itself. This cover is not recommended for human consumption. 
The bacteria that causes mold forming is actually improves the meat quality, a the overall taste. 
Dry aged meat is pretty expensive, and it was only available for the purchase in the five star restaurants until now.

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