Doors For Refrigerated Multidecks

Doors For Refrigerated Multidecks – Made In Serbia

Savabien is a company that became a part of the Frigo Žika Group in 2020. This company is specialized in the production of glass and ventilated facades, aluminum joinery, and glass processing.

Savabien owns two production facilities – one in Surčin, Belgrade (for glass processing) and one in Inđija (for aluminum joinery and facades). Both of the production facilities have completely automatized production processes and machines by well-known brands Lisec and Elumatec.

One of the main reasons we decided to incorporate this company into the Frigo Žika Group is closing the production process of refrigerated multidecks and serve over counters. Since the very beginning of this integration, Savabien supplied Frigo Žika’s production team with all types of glass (for refrigerated devices).

 During 2021. Frigo Žika and Savabien teams united on a new project and started designing/developing new products – doors for refrigerated multidecks and serve over counters. The idea behind this collaboration is to produce high-quality, high-performance, durable, and highly efficient doors for refrigerated devices.

These doors were the missing – the last part in the production process of our devices; now when we finally produce these, we can say with pride that Frigo Žika products are fully made in Serbia.

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Types Of Doors

bora step t max with doors

Thermal-Insulated Doors – T Full Vision

 T Full Vision doors are high-performance thermal-insulated doors for refrigerated multidecks. These are two-glass doors with thermal break (filled with argon). Sealing strips are made of transparent PVC/glass (on the side), and the thermal break is made of aluminum. The door handle is small and barely visible. The overall design of these doors is simple and clean, with high visibility.


– Thickness of the glass 18mm (4mm tempered glass, 10mm air gap/thermal break, 4mm tempered glass)
– UG value 1.3*
– Operating Temperature 25°C/60% air humidity
– Plastic door handle
– Energy savings up to 60%
– Maximal Visibility
– „Door hold“ system (if the doors are open for less than 80%, the doors automatically get closed)
– 100% energy-free system with PVC visible frame

bora slim single glass

Single Glass Doors

Single glass doors are simple, yet effective doors and highly visible, made of a single glass panel. The handle is really small and almost not visible at all.

– Thickness of the glass is 6mm
– Low-E glass, UG value 3.7*
– High visibility
– Simple design
– These doors are not made for climate class of 3M1
– Auto-closing system (when the doors are open for less than 80%)

Romax Sliding Doors Multideck

Sliding Doors

This type of door is made with an aluminum frame, with an adjustable gravity sliding system and high-quality rollers in the higher zone. The glass in slider doors is also thermal-insulated glass with argon filling. These doors are simple to assemble and highly efficient.


– Thickness of the glass – 18mm (4mm tempered glass + 10mm thermal break + 4mm tempered glass)
– Extended longevity
– Energy savings up to 50%
– Automatic closing system
– Plastic/metal or handle built in the frame

The doors for negative multidecks (for frozen products) are still in the development process.

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