Frigo Zika

Frigo Žika doo Ruma, SERBIA

“FRIGO ZIKA” Ruma, is a specialized company for the production of cooling and thermal devices, evaporators, condensers and aggregates. The management of the company “FRIGO ŽIKA” Ruma is fully committed to all projects and fully meets all national and international standards.
We at FRIGO ŽIKA Ruma believe that the way we run the company’s business is crucial for our position as a leader in the South European market in the production of refrigeration and thermal devices.
The management of the company “FRIGO ŽIKA” Ruma is committed to providing the highest quality services. Our business is reflected in the constant satisfaction of customer requirements, taking into account the basic business principles of our company, namely:
1. Many years of experience
2. Short delivery time of products
3. Top quality of products and services
4. Competitive price of products and services
5. Professional technical support to our customers and clients
The management of the company “FRIGO ŽIKA” Ruma will ensure that all employees fully implement the Quality Policy and HACCP, achieving business goals through their business.
The management of the company “FRIGO ŽIKA” Ruma will always keep up with new technologies and provide adequate training for all staff in order to efficiently perform work tasks.
Management will periodically review the effectiveness of its QMS and its quality objectives to ensure their effectiveness and continuing applicability.
“FRIGO ŽIKA” Ruma, meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, 14001: 2008, and HACCP.

Frigo Zika Production Facility
Frigo Zika Production Facility
Savabien Production Facility

SAVABIEN -Surčin, Serbia

Production facility: 5,500 m2
Automated production line for insulated glass units – LISEC
Production capacities of 800 units (~ 800m2) in an eight-hour shift
All types of glass processing (grinding, drilling, sandblasting, faceting, lamination, tempering, etc.)

SAVABIEN company processes all types of single glazing and produces all types of thermal packages (two-layer, three-layer). We use and apply all types of moldings that are processed on an automatic bending table (aluminum, PVC moldings with an improved thermal so-called warm edge.

We also produce all types of facade glass, with and without overhangs, and we have a Dow Corning certificate for structural “sealing” of glass panels.
On the automatic line for the production of thermal insulation glass, we can produce thermal packages with dimensions from 185x350mm to 4500x2700mm.
Laminating produces multilayer laminated glass of various compositions and thicknesses of maximum dimensions 1900x2800mm.
We also make all types of armored multi-layer glass as well as glass coated with anti-vandal foil (eg from shop logos). The level of protection of glass with anti-vandal foil of 100 microns is P7B or according to BS EN356 P8B or over 70 blows with an ax to the total penetration of foil and glass.
The plant in Surčin is a proud user of glass processing machines of a renowned world brand – Lisec.

Savabien Factory
Surcin i Indjija

SAVABIEN -Inđija, Serbia

Production facility: 4.300m2.
Automated production line for aluminum constructions from the renowned German manufacturer Elumatec.
Production capacities of 120 units in an eight-hour shift Aluminum profile processing (as well as wood-aluminum and aluminum-wood profiles) Unique CIM production concept
State-of-the-art software tools (PrefSuite, Orgadata, Elusoft, etc.)

The plant in Indjija is intended for the production of top-quality aluminum joinery, whether windows, doors, facade elements, or interiors. The strictest European rules and norms are applied in the production process, starting from the procurement of high-quality raw materials to the final quality control of the final product.

State-of-the-art technology and materials, dedicated and professional people make each of our products high quality, safe and secure.

We are able to meet all the requirements of modern architecture and to produce all types of aluminum facades and carpentry in our plant in cooperation with renowned manufacturers of aluminum profiles.

In addition to classic, semi-structural and structural AL wall curtains, we have experience in manufacturing ventilated facades – from composite AL panels (eg etalbond, alukobond.) And panel materials (trespa, fundermax, parklex), to granite and ceramic tiles.

In all phases of the project, we insist on precision and accuracy, both in terms of functionality and quality of work performed and in respecting the required deadlines.

The plant in Inđija is a proud user of aluminum processing machines of the renowned world brand – Elumatec.

savabien elumatec
savabien prozori