CO2 Systems

Co2 Rashladni sistemi


In our wide range of products you can find Co2 products as well, alongside traditional cooling devices that works with freon. We offer projecting, delivery, installation and activation of Co2 refrigeration systems.
The ever-growing need of “green” and “eco-friendly” technology, as well as the overall eco-awareness inspired us to develop and create this highly effective and modern refrigeration system. 

Why CO2?

There are three main reasons why this technology is good: 
– it’s budget friendly
– it’s eco friendly
– it’s highly efficient

And above all, it’s not toxic and non-flammable.

CO2 Monitoring System

According to the client’s request, we provide installation of a monitoring system for Co2 devices.

Through this monitoring system you can control the temperature, as well as overall performance of the device, whenever you are (you can do it fully remote); you can turn on/off the device or parts of the device, you can turn on/off the lights in the device and close the device with automatic shutters… The range of possibilities is really wide.

Which Devices Can Use This System?

All of the remote products in our offer can use Co2 system.

Some of the products that already have been tested and produced with the Co2 cooling technology are:




– Cold Chambers

test monitoring sistem

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