Barik Wine Cabinets Plug In


Barik – Wine Display Cabinet

Wood cover – or Inox.



Barik 1 700mm x 690mm x 1980mm
Barik 2 1400mm x 690mm x 1980mm
Barik 3 620mm x 710mm x 1980mm
Barik 4 1400mm x 690mm x 1980mm
Barik 5 600mm x 600mm x 1100mm
Barik 6 1800mm x 600mm x 1100mm


Barik display cabinets are fully climatized, lightweight, completely moisture-free, and a perfect addition to every interior.

Constant temperature: Forget about moisture and temperature differences in the device. Barik display cabinets are made of high quality materials, with the precise temperature regulation system that provides the constant temperature and prefect climate for wine storage.

Air quality: Mold and unpleasant smell are past because of the perfect air flow within the device.

Vibration-less system: Unwanted vibrations have a bad effect on the wine, because of the sedimentation obstruction. You can forget about these problems with Barik cabinets.

UV treatment: Sunlight is another wine’s enemy. That’s the reason why we developed this UV system that provides a good look on the inside of the device but doesn’t affect the wine’s quality.

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