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Frigo zika baner

The cabinets for all the different wine types' storage.


Once upon a time for the storage of wine, usually traditional wine cellars were used. Today, for quality wine storage we have the BARIK cabinets.
We have succeeded to make something more than a wine cellar. The BARIK cabinets are completely made for wine storage on low temperatures, they are easy for usage and because of that they are perfect for any kind of environment.

Optional Wood colour.

Constant temperature: Now you can forget on the problems
with humidity, same as on the problems with sudden temperature differences.
In Barik wine cabinets the temperature is always constant due to a precise temperature control system and to the material quality.

The air quality: Thanks to one constant air flow you can also forget the mold and unpleasant smell.

System without vibration: During wine storage unexpected vibrations could destroy the wine quality because of the sedimentation. For that reason our compressor is made of special damping eliminatoring order to avoid vibrations completely.
UV rays treatment: To preserve the wine quality you need to store the wine far away from light. Our Barik cabinets because of the special UV glass let us to observe all bottles normally without any fear that the organic wine quality could be destroyed.

Length without side Side thickness Depth mm Height mm
620 710 2010

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