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Bake Off – Modern Bakery Multideck

Bake Off is a modern-looking and very popular vertical multideck in the Frigo Žika’s wide offer.

This model of a vertical self-serving multideck can be seen in bakeries and supermarkets all around Serbia, the Balkans, and Europe (Germany, France).

Bake Off is available in the plugin version (with a built-in generator) and in the remote version (the generator is located on the outside of the device; also, this device is available in the warm, neutral, and cold modes which makes it suitable for all types of bakeries and pastry shops.

Keep reading this short article and learn more about this specific product.

What is Bake Off Bakery Multideck?

This is a modular, self-serving vertical multideck that can be adjustable according to the client’s request/needs. The Bake Off model has a self-closing door system – this is a system with built-in buffers that automatically close the door after the products are taken from the multideck. These doors are made of Plexiglas with a slim handle. The doors are located on the buyer’s side.

As we already mentioned: Bake Off is a modular multideck and it’s highly adjustable, it’s made of several different segments that can be arranged according to the client’s needs. Segments are 1st part for the warm pastry and a neutral part for the bread.

Some examples of modular arrangements:

– part for the bread + shelvings for pastry (warm mode)
– 2x part for the bread + shelvings for pastry (warm mode)

Bake Off Dimensions:

Standard Lengths500mm1000mm1500mm
Depth Of The Exhibition Plate690mm

These segments are built on the sliders, which is very helpful for the cleaning/maintenance of the device, as well as for putting new products inside the device itself.

If you’re interested in learning more about the serve over counters and vertical multideck for bakeries, feel free to contact us or visit this page – Frigo Žika Bakery Equipment, or contact our commercial team through the form below.