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How To Achieve Competitive Prices On The Commercial Refrigeration Market?

Being ahead of the competition, visible on the market, and profitable and expanding business is a goal and a very difficult task for each company, especially today – in the times of unstable economy and global crisis. 


Company Frigo Žika is present on the market for over 30 years. And throughout all these years, the company has faced a lot of problems such as an unstable market, sanctions, inflation (very present in the 90s in Serbia), wars, and economic crises. But, after all, the company kept its leadership position in the market, and it keeps growing.


Nowadays, Frigo Zika devices can be found all across the globe, while the main markets are the Balkans, France, Germany, Scandinavia, and North America. 


 Keep reading this article to find out how we become achieved this position and keep growing in the business market.

Completely Closed Production Process

Frigo Zika company has over 300 employees, owns three fully equipped production facilities, has a technical development team, very skillful workers, and modern management – all that combined forms one solid unit which is always prepared for reaching new business goals and improving the overall offer of the company, and always answers to the new quests.


All of the resources needed for the production of our devices are bought in Serbia, while 90% of the parts needed for our devices are produced by our team. This helps us have control throughout the whole production process.


In 2020. company Savabien become a part of the Frigo Zika Group. This company is specialized in the production of aluminum joinery and glass processing. During 2021. both Savabien’s and Frigo Zika’s development teams worked on the development of a new product line – doors for refrigerated/thermal/neutral devices. This way, we almost completely closed our production process of the commercial devices. 


All of the above-mentioned things help us monitor and control all steps in the production process of our devices, as well as the flexibility to adapt to different kinds of requests, keep a high-quality level, and control the overall quality of all parts, produce devices according to the latest business trends and standards and above all, produce the best price-quality ratio devices!


Good working conditions, modern production facilities, a skillful team, control over each step of the production process, technical innovations, and flexibility are the keys to the success of each production-oriented business.

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Export Activities

Focus On Export Activities

Since the very beginning of the Frigo Zika Company, the vision and overall approach to the business have reached far beyond the borders of ex-Yugoslavia. Production of high-quality devices, that are durable and “evergreen“ (design), as well as export to EU markets were set as primary goals.


Nowadays, more than 80% of the income comes from export activities. As we mentioned earlier, our main markets are Germany, France, Scandinavia, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, and the USA. 


Introduction of CO2 technology, development of energy-efficient devices, product durability, modern design, “green“/eco-friendly business approach as well as competitive prices helps us constantly open doors of international markets. 


In a summary – reaching/forming competitive prices must never result in a bad product. Producing high-quality devices for affordable prices is a very difficult task, but must be kept as the main goal always. Having a completely closed production process, a skillful team, and control of the whole production process helps a lot in reaching that goal!